Regina Dawn Akers

The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI)
A metaphysical interpretation of the New Testament scribed by Regina Dawn Akers. It points toward non-dual reality as the only truth. NTI stresses the importance of willingness, acceptance, gratitude, mind-watching and trust on the path of enlightenment while teaching the reader to let go of unworthiness, fear, guilt and false (or separation-based) thinking. NTI has been described as a loving approach to letting go of ego.

The Keys to NTI
An abridged version of NTI containing NTI Luke, NTI Acts, NTI Galatians and NTI Revelation. Makes a great NTI sampler.

The Teachings of Inner Ramana
When Sri Ramana Maharshi’s body began to fail him, his devotees became concerned that their beloved teacher was leaving them. He responded by saying, “I am not going anywhere. Where would I go?” Ramana seemed to die in 1950, but in 2009 Regina began to hear him as her inner teacher. Although she had not studied this great sage, Ramana reached out to her. The clarity of his teachings is startling. He led Regina to the Heart, the Self, “I am that I am” with direct simplicity.


Bruce Rawles

The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation
This book integrates practical insights from modern physics, ancient Hermetic Laws, non-dual metaphysics, transpersonal psychology – and humor – as tools for undoing conflicting beliefs we’ve dreamed ourselves into. Symbols remind us to forgive the dreamer.